Cuisine Idéale - On-Site Tour

Seen here with Benoit Gagnon, Sales Manager, and Pierre-Yves Gagnon, General Manager, I recently had the good fortune of an on-site tour of the Cuisine Idéale factory, Fabridor factory and the Cuisine Idéale showroom in Sherbrooke QC. 

Founded in 1971, Cuisine Idéale is currently our sole our supplier of semi-custom cabinetry.  Starting out as a 1,000-sq-ft unit , it has expanded over the years to a 56,000-sq-ft state-of-the art facility.  Guided through by Benoit and Pierre-Yves, it was fascinating to see the entire process from order receipt by the administrative staff through to production, finishing and shipping preparation.  The factory staff are incredibly skilled in their craft, the standards are extremely high, and the end product attests to this. It was a pleasure to meet the faces behind the names of the administrative and management staff who have looked after us so well over the years and to see the craftsmen behind the scenes who are responsible for the finished product. 

Through Cuisine Idéale, we can provide a wide selection of doors and cabinetry with high-quality finishes, including wood, MDF, thermofoil, exotic wood veneers and Italian lacquered doors with high-gloss finishes.  Stay tuned….Benoit was hinting at a few exciting new trends which are in the works!